It's Biblical

We desire to reflect Christ himself, who 2000 years ago “moved in” to our neighbourhood. (John 1:14 MSG) In this one act Jesus demonstrated humility, love, compassion, and a desire to serve. 

The Need

Much of the world lives in poverty, both material and spiritual. We believe that God has called the church not only to pray, but to stand with and for the poor and unreached. This is why we have chosen to move in. 

By choosing to move in we are able to walk alongside and better identify with our communities and the struggles they face every day. Whether it be abject poverty, immigration issues, human trafficking, drugs or violence, we are able to be salt and light in our patches through prayer and community.

“The MoveIn team befriended me. I loved hanging out with them. They would sometimes invite me for Bible studies and I would refuse. Nevertheless their genuine nature, kindness, and love for each other would make this bitter world seem better. One day I decided to go to the Bible study, we read through the book of Matthew which really spoke to me. After this day I started to question my lifestyle, and wonder how a book written this long ago could make so much sense now.” 
- Tarun, MoveIner


You don’t have to do it alone! Led by God and empowered by His Spirit, we also have two or more teammates who are actively investing in the community with us. We are able to experience great fellowship, challenge each other and offer encouragement when we get discouraged.

Beyond team life, MoveIners also build community within their patch; neighbours who were once strangers become friends and valued parts of each others lives. Whether over a meal or a cup of tea, or through community outreach like summer camps, movie nights or block parties, teams are actively investing in and communing with their neighbours. MoveIn teams have the opportunity to bring a sense of community and act as a bridge between people in an increasingly isolating world.

We believe that the call Jesus gave the disciples before he left was not for the elite, or a special kind of Christian, but for everyone. All believers can move in, pray and be a good neighbour. There are no special forms or programs to qualify, Christ has qualified us all. So why not move in? 

It just might change your life!