What does the MoveIn Vision Team do?

As this movement grows and takes root in new regions, the MoveIn Vision Team is working to spread the vision, gain understanding, start new teams, and support the movement.


More than words on a page, the MoveIn vision is an invitation that we are bringing to the Church everywhere. Much of our work on the vision team centres on mobilization and sharing this vision with the wider body of Christ.


Where are the unreached, urban poor? Just as Joshua and Caleb were sent to survey the promised land (Numbers 13-14), so the MoveIn Vision Team is called to discover these high-needs neighbourhoods. We research and visit patches in person, and then help teams move in there. Whether it is a slum in Asia or a high-rise in North America, we will gain understanding to know how an area fits into the MoveIn Vision.

New Teams

It is a joy for us to join people in their journey of following Christ, especially as they follow Christ into forgotten places. As individuals and groups receive the call to move in, we help them form teams and get them started in qualifying MoveIn patches. We don't offer an application or dotted line to sign on, but rather through team formation gatherings, meeting in coffee shops, or meeting by Skype, we are relationally committed to these emerging teams.


As we work towards seeing the vision fulfilled for thousands of Christians to move in, today we are supporting the hundreds who already have taken this step. We are coaching, providing resources and training, mobilizing prayer support, and building synergy and solidarity across a global movement.

Interested in joining the MoveIn Vision Team? Contact us to hear more about opportunities for: representing MoveIn in your region, communications, technical support, event planning, global pioneering, and more. MoveIn Vision Team members are also required to be members of MoveIn teams.

Recent and Ongoing Projects