The Movein Vision Team has been hard at work putting together a program schedule that is designed to bless you as a participant. This weekend of learning and community will allow you to grow in your ministry and build your relationship with God and your teammates, as well as the wider Movein movement.

You can look forward to times of worship, teaching and prayer.

Body and Soul:
We also believe in the importance of slowing down to just be. Enjoy times of rest together with others, or just take a couple of hours alone for yourself!
There will be opportunities to get a sweat going as well! Show your moves - or practice new ones - at the dance party, or just go for a nice walk or run in the woods.


We’re so happy to introduce a kid’s program at this year’s Gathering. A group of talented, passionate and experienced volunteers will make sure that little Moveiners have just as much of a blast as the older ones.

More information will be coming closer to the Gathering, but if you have a specific question please contact us at and we will refer you to our Childrens Program Coordinator.

Click here to learn more about our programming for children at the Movein Europe Gathering.


A special feature of the Gathering we love is our one-on-ones. We have a great group of counsellors, seasoned missionaries, and spiritual directors, who are qualified and experienced professionals in their fields, as well as in tune with the Movein vision and context. One-to-one sessions are offered throughout the weekend free-of-charge to all participants - an incredibly valuable opportunity.

When you arrive, plan to book a session early to make sure you get a spot.


MEG'19 is a place to pray! We'll be hosting a 24/7 prayer room this year, a place to connect with God and worship Him. We encourage you to take these opportunities to pray and be prayed for throughout the weekend.