Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best way to get to the Gathering?

A: Here is a link to the location.
By car: If you are coming by car, it is easy to find.
By plane: If you are flying in, some of the airports you can check out are Kassel, Hanover, Leipzig or Frankfurt. We will do our best to offer ride sharing from the airport.
By train: If you are travelling by train (in general or from the airport) the closest stop is Leinefelde. If it's not possible to get there, Göttingen is the nearest major rail station.

Q: Where can I park my car on site?

A: There is lots of space to park your car. Areas that are off-limits for vehicles are clearly marked and we ask you to respect this. 

Q: Will childcare be provided during the program?

A: We are excited for little Moveiners to join the Gathering! Unfortunately we can't offer childcare during main sessions, but parents are more than welcome to bring their kids with them! There will be an area for parents to play with their children during the sessions.

Q: What languages will be spoken at the Gathering?

A: We're excited that there will be Moveiners and others from about 10 different nationalities! All the sessions will be held in English and unfortunately we can't offer any translation. However, we're sure that we will all be able to communicate just fine!

Q: Are there alternatives to PayPal when I pay?

A: Yes, you can also make a direct bank transfer or pay cash at the Gathering. If you prefer this, please just skip the last step in the registration process (PayPal payment option) and let us know how you would prefer to pay.

Q: I really want to come, but I just can't afford it financially. Can you help me?

A: Good news - that's why we offer a discount. Whether you are flying in or not, feel free to make use of it. We don't want finances to stop you from coming. If you're still a bit short, just contact us at and we will see how we can help you get there!

Q: Do I need extra money at Burg Lohra?

A: If you want to get some extra snacks or need something else, there is a town with a supermarket nearby. We will also be taking up 3 offerings for different causes during our Gathering and invite you to prayerfully consider if and how you would like to be generous. 

Q: What will the program be like?

A: We're working hard on the details of this year's program. It will be a mix between session, breakout groups and lots of time to just enjoy each other's company on site. There are lots of trails to go on a hike, a soccer and volleyball field and a fire-pit for a nice fire in the evening!

Q: With all these activities, I know I'll be hungry. What about the food?

A: We have two volunteers who are dedicating these days just to cook for us. We are in for a treat! You can mention special dietary needs on the registration form, or just get in touch with us directly.

Q: What if I signed up and paid but can't make it. Is there a refund?

A: We understand that sometimes there are unforeseen changes. We want to accommodate this and offer a refund until April 15th. Because of our commitment to the venue, we can't offer any refunds after this date.