DB Checklist

Thank you for completing this checklist once every two months as you update the database. It helps us all in our roles and as a movement for these reasons:

1) MoveIn Newsletter, Prayer Sheet, Alumni Newsletter - so that MoveIners and PMis can be signed up for the newsletter, MoveIners for the prayer sheet, and former MoveIners to the alumni newsletter

2) Walking with people - many PMI have a long journey of several years; it’s easy to forget their story. Take notes in the database to keep track of this and understand ‘where they’re at’. 

3) Handing over a region/taking on a new region - when you take on a new region, you want a good understanding of the key PMIs and partnerships in that region that already exist, as well as the info about each MoveIn team. Input all of this information in the database so that when you hand it over to someone new, they can easily have all of that information. 

4) Events - when you need to invite a batch of people for the MoveIner Conference, the Prayer Journey or other gatherings, the database makes it easy to export all of their email addresses and contact info. But we if we haven’t been inputting it as we go along, we won’t have it to access later when we need it. 

5) Stats - we like to keep track of the number of MoveIners and teams.