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Your registration cost includes lodging and food for Friday evening through Monday afternoon. Other costs for running this conference have been graciously covered through other channels. This allows us to keep prices as low as possible for you, the MoveIner, to come to Conference.

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As we plan to gather together in February, consider how we can collectively help everyone afford to come. Please consider the Help-A-MoveIner-Go pricing option, as well as a the option to Help-A-MoveIner-Fly! These funds subsidize the registration of those in financial need, students, and MoveIners from afar who pay for flights.



We understand that the registration fee, although we keep it as low as possible, is still a financial stretch for some. No matter what your financial need is, we want you to come. If you require financial support, we invite you to fill out a short form to describe your need. This will allow us to best support you and help you get to Conference.

Click here to fill out the form to request a subsidy, and we will be in touch with you soon.

Volunteer Discounts

We are excited to again offer all volunteers a discounted Conference fee. We are so grateful for our volunteers who make this weekend happen! Please see the regular registration page to sign up as a volunteer.