Frequently Asked Questions

Please email us at for any question or request not answered here.

+ Is the conference open to anyone, or only MoveIners?

As the name suggests, the MoveIner Conference is for MoveIners. We also welcome anyone who will be joining or starting a MoveIn team within the next 6 months, aka "Potential MoveIners". For those who are not yet moved in, before registering please click here to fill out this short form.

There are many great training and networking events for Christians out there. We on the MoveIn Vision Team have intentionally created this event to equip those in the MoveIn movement, by tailoring the main sessions, breakouts, and facilitating times of fellowship to best serve those who are ministering to neighbours in unreached, urban poor contexts. Please email us at if you require further clarification.

+ Can you accommodate my dietary needs?

We do our very best to accommodate any dietary needs or allergies. When you register please note clearly what your needs are. We will then pass them onto the venue who plans and prepares meals. If there are any issues or conflicts with your request we will be in touch with you.

+ Can I attend only part of the weekend?

We highly encourage all MoveIners to make plans well in advance to attend the entirety of this once-a-year, movement-wide event. Though we also understand that sometimes prior commitments or new schedule conflicts cannot be changed.

We will open registration to ‘partial tickets’ on January 15th. This allows time for us to confirm we have space at the venue for those who register for the full weekend. Click here to get a reminder when partial pricing opens.

+ Will the venue have enough space for everyone?

We consider the size of the movement and do our best to choose a conference venue that meets our capacity needs. We do not expect that we will fill up, but in the case that we do run out of space, there will be an option for arranging lodging outside the venue and participating in the program onsite.

+ Can I get a refund?

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may change your plans and you may be unable to attend Conference. Up until February 7, 2020 we are able to refund your registration cost, minus transaction fees that were incurred. After February 7, 2020 we will have committed your registration to the hosting venue and will not be able to withdraw your funds to refund you under any circumstance.