A Circus of Daughters. (A vision for the next generation).

by Marlena

Daughters, you will live the life of the Circus.
Come with your mother and follow my steps,
my eyes are on the Ringmaster of the Heavens.

My children, here you will learn to be
firebreathers of kindness,
to set fires of joy
that bring new greens of peace.

Here you will be trained to become
jugglers of offense,
to never let them rest in hand,
to throw them back into the air as doves.

Beautiful daughters, here will make you
lion-tamers with just a look
of richness in strength,
which quiets beasts with comfort.

And with no change of costume you will be
magicians of never-ending and radical grace
pulled like colourful kerchiefs
from sleeves of the finest robes.

Everywhere the Circus goes you will be known as
tightrope walkers of truth and love,
holding confidently and carefully
to the Word of the Heavens as your balance pole.

Oh daughters, you will grow to be without question or comparison,
women of no other system than the
aerial apparatuses of the Heavens –
the wirings of the Kingdom of Everlasting Hope and Life.

Daughters, keep in step with the Ringmaster and you will be
performers of miracles of wondrous delight,
and radiant visions with tongues of flame
and miracles’ divine adornment within.



Ah, but for all this, you will not be
actors of tricks, or roles in a masquerade,
but instead will find that real life,
is in the Ring – life to the full.

The world will watch and  wonder how you have become
a fool full of wisdom,
mature in childlike faith,
under the tent of righteousness.

Daughters, I want you to be
clowns of a cosmic comedy that makes mockery of the world
that says you are the main attraction
and not pantomimes of unselfish Love.

Ah! But no, you will be as you are:
a Daughter of the God of all,
of all mirth, all strength;
powerfully led, carefully watched, mystically Beloved.

Daughter, come let us live the life of the Circus.
Come with your mother and your sisters’ in step,
our eyes are on the Ringmaster of the Heavens.