Sons of a Broken Home. (A vision for the next generation).

By Marlena

My dearest sons, I will raise you in the Home that was broken for you.
May you always know your place here
at the Home I did not make you,
at the House that wisdom builds you
at the table of a Host who brings you honour,
and harbours you from a world where you are, for now, a guest.

Beloved sons, this world will tell you you are a provider
but I tell you, the most important thing you could be
is a vessel of love,
a river of joy;
do not worry what you give, my son, but overflow, overflow.


Sons, that same world will encourage you to pursue the comfort of stability
but I tell you, you must remember you have it
in a Rock of Ages,
in a place you and your loved ones can rest;
let it give you courage to pursue the discomfort of sacrifice.

My sons, the world will expect you to lift many burdens
but I tell you, the strength of your arms is
to lift children, love the poor,
and embrace the weak;
strengthen your feeble arms but carry only the Light Load.

My child, the world will label their measures of masculinity as maturity
but I tell you, do not compare yourself at all
and remain a child,
and wear the clothes your mother gave you;
the Lord gives children the same strength of armour in many forms.


Oh sons, I cry because the world will paint you things you are not
but I tell you, whatever the colour of your skin, may it be
thick with the patience of Christ,
and soft from knowing His mercies every morning;
cover yourself only in the great honour and humility of the King.

My grown sons, this world’s time and weight will make your hair fall
but I tell you, your head is anointed with the oil of everlasting joy
for every hair was numbered
and known;
may it grow you wise as you grow old.

Dearest sons, the world will teach you many wrong things
but I tell you, I will teach you to wash
cars and dishes,
and the feet of those who wrong you;
carry your towel with your trowel, what you build up is not of this world.

My sons, the world will tell you how to watch women
but I tell you, watch your mother walk and see
the worth Christ places in me
the mark of Glory within her;
let them see your eyes burn with the Light that shines on them.

Dear sons, the world will lie to you that there are no good men
but I tell you, you are of many and not alone
take courage in your path,
walk closely by example;
break no path of your own, but remember the Broken Road was paved by Followers.

My son, the world will entice you to wrestle with many things
but I tell you, even should you wrestle with the Lord,
it is because He is always at your right hand,
it is because He desires you to rest;
know that you need not be in control, the Victory is already His.

My dearest sons, I will raise you in the Home that was broken for you.
May you always be where the path breaks between this world and Heaven
at the healm of Love
at the crossroads of faith
at the paradox of God in boy and man
and boys and men who abide as sons in a Gentle King.