A prayer to start the workday

By Marlena

“Creator God who sees me,

As I start my work, I give it to you.

I submit to you the difficulties and problems I will encounter in it, the outcome and fruit of the work, the timing and nature of success. I submit to you the desires in me that will taint my work – my selfish ambitions, my ego, my fear of failure, my temptations to try to prove myself and my worth, my focus on the praise of men and my fear of others’ opinions of me and my work for you, my impatience, my laziness, my avoidance habits of work or things I can escape by it, all the anxious and busy thoughts that distract me. I give these all to you. I thank you that I can focus on my work in peace knowing you take care of all these things in the background as I go. Thank you for one more workday of knowing your goodness to me.

I thank you and praise you for the work I have to do today.

I thank you for the ability to do it skillfully. I thank you for satisfaction I can find in it, and for giving me a contributing hand in the good you do for the world through it. I thank you for your provision to me and those I love through this work; I trust you that I am amply supplied. I thank you for the people I work with and serve. I ask you to help me work as an example to them, and to see them as you do. I pray you make this place of work a place of worship.

May my work today be for your worship, and the good of your creation. Redefine my idea of success for today. Make me a better worker. Let me experience more of you through the process. I ask you for your blessing on my efforts today, and success in the work. 

In your name, Jesus,


Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established,” Proverbs 16:3

“There is nothing better for a person than that he should eat and drink and fine enjoyment in his toil. this also, I saw, is from the hand of God, for without Him, who can eat or find enjoyment?” Ecclesiastes 2:24-25