Overcoming the Odds

Michelle never considered MoveIn for herself. Over the years, several of her friends moved in, but it wasn’t until she learned more about how God works among his people that she started to think of it as an option for her own life. “I was drawn to MoveIn when I grew to understand that God uses ordinary people all the time to do extraordinary things; many people who become missionaries overseas would not consider themselves spiritual giants.” She believes God brought many aspects of her life together so that she would move in. She was looking for an affordable place to live, needed to be closer to her job, and wanted to live her life intentionally for Christ. In the midst of this, a colleague “happened” to tell her about a patch in Ontario that met all these criteria. 

Although God was working, there were challenges, including Michelle’s family’s reaction. “I come from a typical east Asian background, and am a single female—we are simply not expected to live on our own. So for me to bring it up at all was a struggle.” Her family was not supportive until they saw her moved in and thriving. Then they came around: God began to disciple Michelle’s parents and “helped them discover life after children!”

The second big challenge for Michelle was finances. She works in a job where she support-raises, so there can be a lot of financial uncertainty. In spite of this, she trusts God to provide, knowing that he brought her to this patch. “Where I work, we say, ‘God's work done God's way will never lack God's supply.’” With this faith, Michelle moved in early February.

Since moving in, Michelle has felt blessed by her new community. People in the elevator and halls are friendly and she has started getting to know people. She’s grateful for a relatively smooth experience moving into the building, as well as for her team. “My teammates are steadfast prayer warriors with big hearts for their neighbours.”

Her advice to anyone thinking about joining MoveIn is to pray and seek the Lord, as well as to consult those wise in the faith. On talking to family or others who may not be so open to the idea, she says, “Listen to concerns, expect pushback, and be compassionate.” To those just moved in and struggling, she encourages them to go to the Psalms and cry out to God: “A bruised reed he will not break" (Isaiah 42:3).