"My life in Syria was always about Prayer"

“My life in Syria was always about prayer. It’s what protected me from all the bombs,” says Samar, a MoveIner from British Columbia and a Syrian refugee. “Prayer brought me to Canada and helped me here even before I knew about MoveIn.” When Samar arrived in Canada in September, she quickly joined a church fellowship. She came to Canada alone as she could only afford sponsorship for herself. It was difficult to leave her family behind in Syria but she hoped that once she arrived she could find a way to bring them here as well. God began to answer that prayer and she has been able to bring her sister to Canada. Samar is hoping and praying to find a church that will sponsor her mom and her other sister to join the family.

Her new home in Canada was in a clean, safe neighbourhood. Yet she felt unsatisfied and wondered if she should move. At a social event with new friends one day, she met a group of MoveIners. Unaware of MoveIn’s existence or ministry, she expressed her need for a home. One of the MoveIners was moving overseas for missions, so there was an opening in her apartment. Samar went to see it. “The minute I entered the house I felt so much peace in my heart that this was the place I needed to be,” Samar recalls.

When she left that day, she began to pray. For two weeks she sought the Lord to see if this was what he wanted for her. She struggled with doubts and fear. Her old neighbourhood was safe and clean. The new area, she was told, would be dangerous. But as she prayed, she was reminded over and over of peace and hope she had had inside the house.

Because of that, Samar decided to move in. She soon discovered that there were many Syrian families living in the patch. Visiting them, she realized something. “What encouraged me to forget about my nice, fancy place was the love I had for these people. These people need to know about Jesus — to know about God’s love. Day by day I was more assured that I have to tell these people about God’s love and salvation — to show them the love that they need.”

She has been living in her patch for two months now, and she loves it. She is able to get whatever she wants from the Arabic markets in the community. Everything is within walking distance. When she passes people on the street, she prays for them. “This is why we’re here. I’m just praying to God that he would show me what I need to do here and how I can help my neighbours,” she explains.

Samar is planning and praying about setting up English lessons for her Arabic-speaking neighbours. She attributes everything that has happened so far to God answering prayer. “I love Jesus and I pray always. Anything you do, you have to pray first to invite God to make plans with you. If God is with you everything will be okay. If you are doing things from your own mind, nothing will happen.”

Thinking of moving in? Offer it up in prayer first, advises Samar. “MoveIn takes a lot of love. But when we seek the Lord earnestly, he provides that love.”