The Cloak

by Hillary

It was like a cloak

That I was slowly pulling around me

Hiding me;


And I didn't know it.


A progressive shadowing; a folding into the darkness

Camouflaging; now you see me, now you don't

Removed me 

While tricking me

To think

I was still engaged.

But there's nothing to be afraid of. 

The cloak hid; the cloak kept me from these truths

Slipping me in and out of consciousness, presentness

Misunderstanding of reality and fiction; my awareness, depth-perception



But no longer.


Here I am, standing in this new Garden of Eden

Unashamed of my nakedness

Standing vulnerable, free

With Jesus as my everything. 


He's no invisibility cloak; He's actually the opposite

Bringing the unseen, the hidden 

Out of hiding

Calling forth life

No shame, no fear


Surrender to Him.

I did

And found completion.



Now, where does that leave me? 
Still tempted to hide

But my vision isn't as clouded by that Cloak of Deception.


It leaves me standing. Waiting. Leaning in;

Exposed to the elements yet not alone. 


I am grounded...and am grounding myself in the truth that I am loved.

In fact; I'm literally surrounded by Love;

It's what the cloak was trying to keep from me;

Force me into the shadows; Hide me in the dark.




It's tough; this standing.

It's not something that comes easily to me.

Before, I lived behind that cloak

Scrunched-up, fetal position, scared.


But standing? It's a call to REST.

To stand in rest; breathe deep.

Rest means abiding in His Love

Without sticks and stones and cloaks to protect myself


Only Him. 


And what does He look like; what is it like to behold His Face?
It's holy. It's wholeness. It's a homecoming. 


When the Trinity came around me

At my conception; my coronation

My becoming,

There were no breaks in the circle; there was no fragmenting.

They poured beauty; light; THE Light; ONLY light

Themselves, the Divine Image

Into me. 


Creator into created

In His Image.

And in Him there is only light. 
No fractures, breaks; no darkness in my becoming; 

In the circle of the Trinity surrounding me

No circus work; only colour

Life. Joy. Delight.


It's a curious business, this "Becoming." 

For God knows me

And now calls me

Naked as I stand here

In Love

To know myself. 


To be still.

To be known. 

To be loved. 

Be loved. Beloved.

To let there be LIGHT. 


To be complete in Him; whole; belonging to Him. 

Fully. Undeniably. 


It's the best, most natural place to be.

In His family

Defined in Him and by Him

A symphony of colour.


I'm not meant for camouflage

But meant for Him, and His Love