In This Quiet Room

By Brad

In this quiet room
I was feeling comfortable
I was feeling in control

And I wanted to make things a little bit better
Started talking to You like I was writing a letter
I asked You to make me a little more safe
And to show up in person to show me more grace

But now I see how blind I was to try to be smooth
'Cause You were already here - but now, I can't move
For I cannot breathe unless breath comes from You
Your holiness is danger in this quiet room

What petty things I asked for, day after day
And I wonder, did I ever, ever truly pray?
Did it feel like finishing a chore - or was I left in awe?
Did I see that I was in the presence of the Most High God?

I don't know why You would even look at me
But You adopted me into Your family
This crazy love You have for me - what sacrifice so wild -
For even though I sin, You bled to call me Your own child

Your wildness makes my heart brand new
And now I want to love like You
When my neighbour doesn't know Your light, instead choosing the dark
You fill my life with crazy love to show them who You are

And I no longer do what I want to
When not my will, but Yours, I do
When I am, by Your presence, consumed
In this quiet room

And I wanted to make things "a little bit better"?
Started talking to You like... I was writing a letter?
I asked You to make me "a little more safe"?
And to show up in person to... show me... more grace...

I was feeling comfortable - but then You tore it down and gave me peace
I was feeling in control - but now this crazy love is all I need

But how long will this last?
Until I have to come back
To this quiet room