MoveIner Story: Guatemala


This team consists of one family. 

"My story with MoveIn started when my previous pastor called me and said, 'You should come to visit us today.' When I arrived, a Vision Team member was talking about MoveIn; it caught my attention because I had always wanted to help people in marginalized areas.

"Amanitlán, my city, has become one of the most violent areas in Guatemala. There are many gangs here; people get killed each day; kidnappings are common; there are lots of drug users as well as prostitution. People here also believe in a deity called 'Mashimon' and there are a lot of sorceresses in the city.


"Yet God has been doing a lot of great things here. I’ve been praying with my wife and my little girl for the neighborhood; God used my church to help answer my prayers. I began a discipleship group a month ago in one of the most violent areas of our city. One day I was talking with a fellow MoveIner and God encouraged him to send an offering to buy pizza for the guys who attend the discipleship group. We had a great time that day sharing a meal. Most of those who come to the discipleship gathering are former gang members, prostitutes or kidnappers.

"This month has been a really difficult one for my family financially. Yet amidst the challenge, I feel like God wanted me to tell the guys that we’d have a special party this month. So, I prayed and asked the Lord to help me with the resources. Then the sister who opened her house for the discipleship group said that some people from the States heard about us and wanted to send money to use to reach out for the Kingdom. They also sent Bibles. Isn't that amazing?

"God has been faithful and has sent people I don’t even know to give offerings for our work. He is wonderful! May God bless you in all you do; thank you for letting me tell a bit of my story."