MoveIner Story: Calgary, Canada

This team consists of three women, a newly married couple, and "a few helpful friends."  They pray on Thursday evenings. 

"Bread! And lots of it!"

Over the summer we had been praying that God would give us creative ideas to reach out to our neighbours through the fall and winter months. He answered in a wonderfully cliche way! We were given a few loaves of bread for personal use, but that quickly became six large bins every week indefinitely! (And there’s always some left over.)

We decided to knock on every door in our apartment building and give out the bread. The first few times we went were a bit uncomfortable; people were confused as to our motives and some were even a little suspicious, though they still took some bread. This past weekend, though, was so encouraging — neighbours, who are not our friends yet, are remembering us! They open their doors, a questioning look drawn upon their faces, only to have that look turn into a wide smile. We are excited to see how God is using something as simple as bread to reach multiple cultures and break down barriers. 

"Please pray that the attitude and spirit of the whole building would be transformed, and that the undeserved, unconditional love of God would be known and practiced here. Pray for good health, as a few team members have been ill for nearly a month. Please pray against bed bugs: so far they are not in our homes but they are in our building. And pray for our hearts, that we would continue to yearn for God; it can be easy to become distracted and busy.

Thank you, brothers and sisters, for your prayers and your ministry. Praise God for what he is doing in our hearts and lives!