Choosing Christ Daily

By Caitlin

When I chose to follow Christ, I didn’t realize that the hard part was still to come.

Each day, as I learn more about who God is, I realize that I have choices to make. Each choice will either bring me closer to Him or further from God and His mission; that’s a lot of responsibility.

Sometimes the decisions are big, like when my husband and I chose to move across the country and live among the unreached, urban poor. Other days the decisions are small, like when I choose to walk home from work without my headphones so that I am open to the possibility of conversation. Either way, these decisions matter. 

Counting the cost

Choosing Christ in the everyday choices is often far from simple. To each activity, relationship, and opportunity I say yes to, there is always something that I must then say no to. Jesus calls on his disciples to count the cost of the choices they make (Luke 14:28-20).

Here are some examples of everyday MoveIner choices and their potential costs:

Ultimately I choose to be thankful that God allows me to play a part in the work He is doing here on earth. I am thankful to serve a God who encourages me to count the cost. Sometimes my ministry looks impressive while other times it is only the innermost part of my heart that is changing. In both the big, busy seasons and the small, quiet seasons God knows my heart behind the choices I make. I look forward to the next opportunity I have to choose Christ and to follow him into this mission as a MoveIner.