A Family On a Mission

By Sara

Our family of four has lived in a MoveIn patch for the last 5 years. My husband and I have two pre-teen children. We love living in a MoveIn patch because of the sense of community that we share together and with our neighbours. We know many of our neighbours by name and have seen God move powerfully in the lives of a few of them.

As a married couple, we have developed a deep prayer life together. We have as a family too. We pray regularly for friends and neighbours and those living in other MoveIn patches. We feel connected to God, one another, and to the people around us.

We have seen God answer our prayers and this has encouraged us to continue to pray. We have seen neighbours who were unemployed find work, those struggling with addictions break free, and those who did not know God in a real way find Him. We pray about everything! Whether the concern is big or small, God is faithful to answer.

Before moving in, we were concerned about our children growing up in an urban community. We knew that they would encounter situations that they could avoid in a suburb or small town. We had to trust God to lead our family and protect us. Again, He has been faithful to do this. We talk openly with our children about the things they witness and experience. They have their own relationships and lead children their own age toward Jesus as a result.                     

Doing life together with other Christians on our MoveIn team and in our community has been the greatest way we have all grown in love and in Christ. We have had opportunities to serve our community together, share hospitality with friends and neighbours, study the Bible and pray together. Living in community and on mission has made the Christian life so full and rich.