The MoveIn Vision Team provides resources to equip and support all "MoveIners". Some of these resources include:


The Annual MoveIner Conference

The whole MoveIn movement comes together for this encouraging four day weekend of prayer, worship, teaching and fellowship. Join other teams and fellow MoveIners from around the world who also want to see Jesus move among the unreached, urban poor in their neighbourhoods.


The Weekly Prayer Sheet

Every week you hear from a different team: exciting things that have been happening in their community (as well as challenges), prayer needs, and how God is working. The prayer sheet, which goes out by email to all MoveIners, keeps you connected with the movement and steadfast in prayer for each other.


Regional Gatherings

Periodically, teams from a particular region get together for a time of mutual encouragement, sharing, prayer and food. It is also a time to be equipped and supported. 


Coaching from the Vision Team

Your MoveIn team will stay connected with your 'regional rep' – an individual on the Vision Team who supports and coaches the teams in that region. Teams sometimes struggle in their relationships with each other and their neighbours, and coaching from the Vision Team is often very helpful. 


Resources from the Vision Team

The Vision Team office houses Bibles in 26+ different languages! (Thanks to our partnership with the Canadian Bible Society!) The Vision Team also has access to cheap & free books, videos, articles and online resources which will boost your team's effectiveness.


Promoting the MoveIn Vision Yourself

MoveIn grows mainly through word of mouth. Take up the mantle to share the vision that you've experienced first-hand. Share your story with friends and family. Have them visit your team's prayer meeting. Invite them to move in. Present at your church. Share MoveIn YouTube videos, MoveIn tweets or the MoveIn facebook page. Hand out printed material (which you can get from the Vision team). Invite others to subscribe to MoveIn's monthly newsletter. And more!