The MoveIn Vision Team has been hard at work putting together a program schedule that is designed to meet your needs as a MoveIner. This weekend of learning and community will allow you to grow in your ministry and build your relationship with God and your teammates and the wider MoveIn movement.

Each morning after breakfast we will have a time of worship, prayer, and Bible teaching, led by a number of seminars to choose from. Afternoons will start with some free time where we'll have some optional fun activities, and prayer ministry, or you could use the time for rest, personal reflection, or meeting with friends.

We'll have more seminars in the afternoon, a short teaching session, and then dinner. Evening sessions will include stories from MoveIn teams, teaching, and receiving a specific love offering for a ministry we care about.


Patrick & Jennie Fung.jpg

Introducing MoveIner18 Bible Teacher & Keynotes: Patrick & Jennie Fung

Patrick and Jennie Fung were both born in Hong Kong. Patrick was trained as an internist physician in Australia with subsequently specialist training in the UK. In preparation for missionary training, Patrick graduated from the China Graduate School of Theology in Hong Kong and Fuller Seminary in the US.

Jennie was trained as an obstetrician/ gynecologist in Hong Kong and the UK. They previously served as medical missionaries in South Asia in a Muslim context for a number of years and were deeply committed to discipleship. Dr Patrick Fung is currently the General Director of OMF International providing overall spiritual leadership for the organization.  Jennie is involved in member care and mentoring ministry.  

Both Patrick and Jennie are actively involved in preaching and teaching ministries.  Patrick was the Bible expositor for Urbana 2015, plenary speaker for the Cape Town 2010 Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization and one of the Keswick Bible conference speakers in the UK in 2011 & 2015.   Their vision is to see indigenous biblical church movements among different peoples so that all may glorify and worship the Lord Jesus.


As our kids programming at the MoveIner Conference continues to grow and develop each year, the program and care that we provide will offer an amazing chance for our youngest MoveIners to grow in Christ.

Childcare for babies, toddlers, and children in elementary school will be provided during sessions. More information will be coming closer to conference, or if you have a specific question please contact us at and we will refer you to our Childrens Program Coordinator

Click here to learn more about our programming for children at the MoveIner Conference.


A special feature of the MoveIner Conference we love is our one-on-ones. We have a great group of counsellors, seasoned missionaries, and spiritual directors, who are qualified and experienced professionals in their fields, as well as in tune with the MoveIn vision and context. One-to-one sessions are offered throughout the weekend free-of-charge to all participants - an incredibly valuable opportunity.

When you arrive, plan to book a session early to make sure you get a spot.


MoveIner'17 is a place to pray! We'll be hosting a 24/7 prayer room again this year, as well as healing prayer ministry and other opportunities to be ministered to and to intercede on behalf of others. We encourage you to take these opportunities to pray and be prayed for throughout the weekend.